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Medium-weight non-fusible horsehair tailor’s canvas



Non-fusible interfacing for interlining and tailoring. This interfacing has to be set by (hand-)sewing; this is not a fusible interfacing.

Woven hair interfacing with high resilience in the weft. This is a medium-weight interfacing for jackets and uniforms. Because it contains real horsehair, it recovers well and holds its shape exceptionally well. Use in chest pieces for men’s suits and jackets where the highest quality is required.
Dry clean only.

21% cotton, 35% viscose (rayon), 19% goat hair, 15% horsehair, 10% synthetic
Weight: 216 grams per square meter
Width: 80 cm (31.5 inches)

Woven and produced in the Netherlands according to Oeko-Tex standard.

Sold by the metre:
100 x 80 centimeters — 39 inches by 31.5 inches

When ordering multiple lengths, it will be cut as one continuous piece.


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