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Lightweight non-fusible tailor’s canvas



Non-fusible interfacing for interlining and tailoring. This interfacing has to be set by (hand-)sewing; this is not a fusible interfacing.
A light-weight woven interlining with a lot of resilience in the weft. Recovers well, low shrinkage.
To be used for chestpiece interlining in light men’s and ladies’ suits and jackets or a multiple layer on another chestpiece interlining.

30% cotton, 28% rayon/viscose, 35% wool en 7% synthetisch
Weight: 164 gr/m2
Width: 80 cm (31.5 inches)

Woven and produced in the Netherlands according to Oeko-Tex standard. Dry clean only.

Sold by the meter:
100 x 80 centimeters — 39 inches by 31.5 inches

When ordering multiple lengths, it will be cut as one continuous piece.


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